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#saynotorape  #saynotofemalegenitalmutilation #saynotochildmarriage #uniteactivismtoendviolenceagainstwomenandgirls
By Aliyu Umar Aliyu | 2022-11-28 02:52:40

#saynotorape #saynotofemalegenitalmutilation #saynotochildmarriage #uniteactivismtoendviolenceagainstwomenandgirls

The international Day for the elimination of violence Against Women will mark the launch of the UNITE Campaign ( November 25 to December 10th). An initiative of 16 days of activism concluding on the day that commemorates the international human right Day 10 December. Violence Against Women and Girls continues to be an obstacle to achieving equality, development peace as well as to the fulfilment of women and girls human rights. All in all, the promise of Sustainable Development Goals to leave no one behind, cannot be fulfilled without putting an end to violence against women and girls. Jami Al Hakeem Foundation UNITE !!! With the world globally in the fight to end violence against women and girls.

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